Identity:Vice President, CCTV
Name:Gao Feng

Brief introduction

Gao Feng graduated from Chinese Department of MinzuUniversity of China. Then he joined China Central Television (CCTV); in 2005,he got a doctor degree from School of Arts & Communication, Beijing NormalUniversity. Currently, he acts as vice head of CCTV.

Starting from 1992, Gao Feng served as director ofDocumentary Film Office, director of Socialist Education Program Center ofCCTV; president of Documentary Committee of China Radio and TelevisionAssociation, vice president of Documentary Academic Committee of ChinaTelevision Artists Association;

His monograph published: Television Documentary and Its Aesthetic ChoiceThe Analects on Television DocumentaryExplanations on Television Commentary,and so on;

In 2002, he was awarded “One of China Top 100Journalists”.