Identity:CCTV Senior Editor, Former President, Documentary Academic Committee of China Television Association
Name:Liu Xiaoli

Brief introduction

     Liu Xiao Li, male, Han nationality, born in February 1943 in Shouguang,Shandong Province, a members of CPC, the senior editor of CCTV, the former president of Documentary Academic Committee of China Television Association.

Enlisted in 1962, he was transferred to CCTV in October 1966. In 1988, he was elected as senior editor and in 1991 won the first Fan Changjiang News Award. In 1992 he was elected as the delegate of the 14th Congress of CPC and won the "China TV Golden Eagle Award for outstanding achievement in 20 years" award in 2003. In the next year, he achieved "the special contribution award of China Television Academic Award 10th Anniversary " and was elected on behalf of army hero in 2007.

He was the former judge of a series of film festivals, including the "Five Project Award", Shanghai TV Festival Documentary, Documentary Film Festival of Sichuan TV Festival, Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China Television Golden Eagle Award Documentary, China TV Social Education Program Award and China Documentary Association Award.

Liu used to serve as warrior, monitor editor of the CCTV news department, deputy director and director of the military news department of CCTV, and director of the PLA television propaganda center, Major General.

  Representative works: longest running television documentary "looking at the Great Wall", "the sword", "the gate", longest running literature documentary "Let history tell the future", "Mao Zedong", "Deng Xiaoping", "Sun Yat-sen", "the war of liberation " , "the Art of War" etc..