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Established in 2003, GuangzhouInternational Documentary Film Festival, China (referred to as GZDOC) istheonlystate-level documentary festival, with a longest history in the country. It’salso a market with financing and trading functions.

GZDOC is hosted by National Radio andTelevision Administration (NRTA)and the People’s Government of GuangdongProvince, organized by the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality,Radioand Television Administration of Guangdong Province, executed by Administrationof Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Press and Publication of GuangzhouMunicipality and operated by Global Raytur International Public CommunicationOrganization.

In the past decade, GZDOC has evolvedfrom an academic seminar with only 147 entries from 10 countries, to one of themost influential professional documentary film festivals in the world. In termsof the entry numbers and the attending countries, GZDOC now ranks as the topdocumentary festival in Asia and stands among the top 8 major professionaldocumentary festivals around the globe. It also works with more than 30international film festivals and a dozen of industry associations to promotedocumentaries from various countries.

GZDOC is keen to promote Chinese cultureand Chinese documentary films to the world. More and more, it’s seen as animportant window for outstanding programsfrom home and abroad, a major platformfor exchange andcooperation with China documentary industry, and an importantpart of the international documentary community.

Each year, representatives from morethan 100 influential documentaries broadcasting media, online streamingplatforms, production houses, distribution agencies and industrial associationsfrom China and abroad gather in December. Several thousand of industryexecutives, decision makers, producers, content buyers, as well as award-winningdirectors will attend and discuss the latest trends of the industry in Chinaand on the global market.

Golden Kapok Award Competition, GoldenKapok Screening, China Story International Pitching Session, DOCSHOP and NextWave Doc are major components of GZDOC. 

Golden Kapok Award Competition isdedicated to recognizing outstanding documentaries of the year.

"Golden Kapok Screening" aimsto introducepremium filmsto the public, which include screenings during thefestival and a 200-university campus screening tour in the mid-year.

"China Story" InternationalPitching Session recruit Chinese stories for and from global market.

GZDOC DOCSHOP is a year-round factualcontent marketplace for producers, distributors, content buyers andcommissioners.

As part of GZDOC family,Next WaveInternational Student Documentary Competition (Next Wave Doc) is a top-levelstudent documentary competition in China. It is committed to educating andspotting new talents for documentary industry.

GZDOC hopes to serve the documentaryindustry, develop new talents, as well as cultivate a taste for premium factualcontents among Chinese audiences. With years of development, it has introducedthousands of masterpieces to the public. It aims to make Guangzhou the City ofDocumentary and a hot spot for China and Asia documentary industry.