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Thisconstitution is applicable to Golden Kapok Award Competition, Golden KapokAward Screening, Industrial Forums, China Story International Pitching Sessionand DOCSHOP at the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China,2019. (herein after referred to as GZDOC 2019) 

Introduction of GZDOC

Established in 2003, Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China (referred to as GZDOC) istheonlystate-level documentary festival, with a longest history in the country. It’salso a market place with financing and trading functions.

GZDOC is hosted by National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA)and the People’s Government of GuangdongProvince, organized by the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality,Radioand Television Administration of Guangdong Province, executed by Administrationof Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Press and Publication of GuangzhouMunicipality and operated by Global RayturInternational Public CommunicationOrganization.

In the past decade, GZDOC has evolved from an academic seminar with only 147 entries from 10 countries, to one of themost influential professional documentary film festivals in the world. In termsof the entry numbers and the attending countries, GZDOC now ranks as the topdocumentary festival in Asia and stands among the top 8 major professionaldocumentary festivals around the globe. It works with more than 30international film festivals and a dozen of industry associations to promotedocumentaries from various countries.

GZDOC 2019 will be held from Dec.9th to 12thin Guangzhou, China.

Each year, representatives from morethan 100 influential documentaries broadcasting media, online streamingplatforms, production houses, distribution agencies and industrial associationsfrom China and abroad gather in December. Several thousand of industryexecutives, decision makers, producers, content buyers, as well award-winningdirectors will attend and discuss the latest trend of the industry in China andon the global market.

Golden Kapok Award Competition, GoldenKapok Screening, China Story International Pitching Session, DOCSHOP and NextWave Doc are major components of GZDOC.

GZDOC 2019Key Events

1. Golden Kapok Award Competition

GZDOC is calling for entries among global documentary production companies, broadcasters,distributors, independent producers and people from all circles fordocumentaryfeature films, short documentaries,and documentary series which are abouthistory, culture, art, social issue, current affair, environment, science,technology etc.

 GZDOC will invite domestic and global experts,renowned directors and producers to form the international Jury board, who willmake initial selection, the 2nd round of selection,and thefinal round of selection from all submitted films. The Jury memberswill in theend select best films as the Golden Kapok Award Finalists.

The goal ofGolden Kapok Award Competition is to pay respects to the toptalents working ondocumentaries and to their works, to promoteChinese documentaries and tofacilitate the exchanges in the documentary industry.

2. Golden Kapok Screening

GZDOC 2019 is dedicated to presenting outstanding documentary films to Chinese audiences. Theorganizing committee will select hundreds of premium documentaries forscreening during the festival, as well as organizing a campus tour around thecountry in the mid-year. Documentary fans could be part of the festival throughTV, online streaming platform, theatres and art spaces. Directors or Producerswill be invited to Guangzhou to share their insights on the spot with audiences.


GZDOC DOCHSOP is a year-round factual content marketplace for producers, distributors,content buyers and commissioners. The Doc Shop library includes the GZDOCofficial selections, as well as the festival’s curated playlists of documentarytitles from the past decade.

The Doc Shop will set aside a screening area at the GZDOC venue. Participants will watch thefilms submitted to Doc Shop through the on-demand screening system. Screeningreports will then be generated, recording the viewers’ purchasing interests.GZDOC staff will process these requests after the festival.

 4. China Story International PitchingSession

"ChinaStory" International Pitching Session recruit Chinese stories for and from global market. It hopes to cultivate the documentary projects that best reflect China and its people, with an international storytelling and of premium production standard. The pitching session also hopes to develop the pre-sale, co-productionand commission of China stories.

This sessionstarted from 2004, including pitching trainings, pitching forums and one-on-onemeetings with the decision makers. Each year, it will select top 10 bestpitches from around 200 submitted projects.

5. Industrial Conferences

GZDOC 2019 will plan industrial conferences, that could best reflect the industry trends in Chinaand global market. Speakers will be industry executives, decision makers, producers, contentbuyers, as well as award-winning directors. By gathering these professionaltalents, GZDOC provides the best opportunities to meet industry insiders, to understandthe latest development from various partners and to learn the industry prospects for the next year.

 5. Special Focus Events

GZDOC 2019 will jointly host special focus events with various partners, i.e. documentary channels, online streaming platforms, production houses, distribution agencies and industrial associations.GZDOC partners will release new development strategies, factualcontent trends, new co-production projects etc. at such Special FocusEvents. 

 6. Master Classes/Workshops

Award-winning producers and directors will share their unique insights and experiences aboutthe production.

7.Galas & Receptions

GZDOC 2019 will hold various cultural exchange events, such as GZDOC 2019 Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony Gala, Premiere in Guangzhou, Themed Luncheon and CocktailReception sponsoredby the countries of honor etc.

SubmissionGuidance of Competition, Screening, Pitching, and DocShop

If you feel interested in submitting your films to Competition, Screening, Pitching or DOCSHOP, please log on the official website of GZDOC (, fill in the online form and submitmaterials after reviewing the submission rules. Please make sure to verify anddouble check the information that you are submitting. The information yousubmit cannot be changed once it is published. 

About the Copyright of the submitted films

The applicantswho submit the films for Competition, Screening, Pitching and Docshop, shall guarantee that they own the copyright of the films and the films are producedby themselves. For co-productions, the various parties shall be marked asco-producers. Meanwhile,applicants shallguarantee that they have clearedcopyrightsfor music, trailers, videos, footages and all materials used in thefilms, or they have been licensed and authorized by the related copyright owners.Any legal disputes caused by the copyright issues shall be borne by the personwho submit the films, instead of the Organizing Committee. If the submittedfilms have any copyright disputes,the organizing committee will reserve theright to cancel the competition qualification of the film, including recallingany awards or prizes presented before.

Authorizationfor editing right of submitted films

For all the films submitted for Competition, Screening,Pitching and DOCSHOP, the organizing committee is entitled to edit a no-more-than 3 mins trailer of the film, aspart of the promotional materials at GZDOC, to be usedin the theaters, on TV,internet, Mobile TV, public screenings,interviews or other promotional uses.The authorization period of the edited clips shall be 2 years by default.Theorganizing committee of GZDOC is authorized to use clips from award-winning films for non-commercial offline screening and forpromotion purposes.Once the films andmaterials are submitted,it could be recognized as acceptance of all the aboveterms of this Constitution.


GZDOC 2019 will invite directors or producers whose films enter the final round of the competition, to attend the Opening Ceremony,Closing Ceremony and Screeningevents in December 2019. GZDOC will cover the accommodation and waive accreditationfees for the invited guests. For each film, there’ll be only one director orproducer to be invited. If there are more than one director for a finalistfilm, the organizing committee will cover the above relative costs of only one person,andthe invitation shall not extend to any other 3rd parties. 

The organizingcommittee will invite the pitch talents, whose projects enter the final round tothe pitching sessions and provide the free accreditation for one member of eachproject. The Organizing Committee will invite the decision makers from bigorganizations to join the pitching sessions and attend the one-on-one meetings.


Shall any legal disputes arise, the Organizing Committee will submit the lawsuits to the Courtof Guangzhou Municipality of Guangdong Province of China for arbitration.

The Final Explanation Right

The Organizing Committeeof GZDOC 2019 is entitled to amend the Constitution including conditions,terms, or other regulations related to this Constitution, and shall reserve thefinal explanation right of this Constitution.

The General Office of the Organizing Committee of GZDOC 2019

February, 2019