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2019 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival 
Regulations on DOCSHOP

GZDOC DOCSHOP is a year-round factual content marketplace for producers, distributors, content buyers and commissioners. The DOCSHOP library includes the GZDOC official selections, as well as the festival’s curated playlists of documentary titles from the past decade.
GZDOC DOCSHOP is dedicated to discovering and promoting premium China and International documentaries.

The DOCSHOP consists of three parts: 
(i) On-demand screening system 
The DOCSHOP will set aside a screening area at the GZDOC venue. Participants will watch the films submitted to DOCSHOP through the on-demand screening system. Screening reports will then be generated, recording the viewers’ purchasing interests. GZDOC staff will process these requests after the festival. 
(ii) Daily operation 
The GZDOC DOCSHOP will keep recommending films to various platforms in a bid to facilitate trades throughout the year. 
(iii) Industry Screenings
Industry Screenings are film screenings at the GZDOC venue for registered delegates and industry professionals. On the spot publicity could be arranged, in a bid to promote the films. 

II. DOCSHOP Operation 
The documentary festival is held in Guangzhou every December. 
2019 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival will be held from 9th to 12th December, 2019. 
DOCSHOP Timetable: 
(1) Offline on-demand screening system: December 10 to December 12, 2019 
(2) Daily operation: 2019 to 2020 
(3) Industry Screenings: December 10th to December 12th, 2019 

III. Eligibility for GZDOC DOCSHOP
GZDOC DOCSHOP is open to the following four types of films. 
Documentary Feature: motion pictures with a running time of more than 30 minutes (including Opening Credits); 
Documentary Short: motion pictures with a running time of 30 minutes or less (including Opening Credits); 
Documentary Series: three or more episodes, the running time of a single episode is not limited, and content is inter-related; 
New media documentary: the length is no more than 30 min per episode; the number of episodes is unlimited; have been released via streaming, home video or other new media platform.

IV. Submission Guidance 
(i) Submission Deadline 
Submissions for GZDOC DOCSHOP are open from March 18, 2019 (GMT+8) to August 31, 2019 (GMT+8). 
Submissions for Industry Screenings are from March 18, 2019 (GMT+8) to September 31, 2019(GMT+8).  
The submission must be completed online, and all other required submission materials shall be sent to the General Office of the Organizing Committee (OC) before the deadline. The application received after the deadline or the application with incomplete materials will not be accepted as qualified entries.

(ii) Application process and required materials 
1. Please register online at the official website, click "Registration - Film Submit" to complete the online Entry Form.  
2. Please upload the following submission materials: 
(1) One poster in JPG format, pixel no less than 150 dpi; 
(2) 1-3 Film stills in JPG format, pixel no less than 150 dpi; 
(3) One director’s photo in JPG format, pixel no less than 150 dpi; 
(4) For non-Chinese dialogue films, a full-length English subtitle file (SRT or ASS format) or subtitle script (word file or txt file) is required. 
3. Please submit the following video materials: 
(1) The preview version 
① Film in MP4 format, 1080P and above, data rate 2000kbps to 5000kbps;  
② Chinese dialogue films must be accompanied by complete Chinese and English subtitles. English subtitle is needed if the film contains NON-MANDARINE dialogues (including English); 
③ To add a watermark, please mark “GZDOC Preview” in the upper right corner. Any other watermarks should not be applied, in a bid to ensure the viewing effects. 
(2) Trailer 
①Motion Pictures with a running time of less than 3 minutes, in MP4 format, 1080P and above, data rate 2000kbps to 5000kbps 
② For Chinese dialogue films, complete Chinese and English subtitles are required. For NON-MANDARINE dialogues (including English) films, English subtitles are required.
(3) Please submit your video material in one of the following ways: 
Please mail the copies of preview film and trailer in DVD/USB /Mobile Hard Disk along with the film title and contact information to: 
Address: Room 3303, YingLong Plaza, No.76, West Huangpu Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. 
Contacts: Mr. Ding Zhizhao 
Tel: 86-020-38780150-806 
Zip code: 510632  
② Internet transmission 
Upload preview film and trailer into Cloud Storage (such as Baidu Cloud Disk) and send the download link and password to along with film title and contact information. 

(iii) Registration fee 
Free Registration for DOCSHOP 
Industry Screenings Fee is listed below in section VI

(iv) Notices for material delivery 
If you choose to post your materials, in order to ensure the materials delivered on time, please use the traceable and signature required express delivery service. Please do not use the surface mail. If the materials are sent from overseas, please use the international express (such as DHL or FEDEX), indicated "no commercial value" and "for cultural use only" on the package, and fill in the customs declaration value less than 10 US dollars.  No application materials will be returned. Do not send film prints, master tapes or other originals. The OC will not pay for the delivery fee caused by the application, and has the right to refuse the delivery unpaid.

(v) The use of information and application materials 
1. Please fill in entry form correctly and completely. The information in the form will be used and published in the pre-selection, evaluation and final announcement. If there is any information wrong or missing, the responsibility will be borne by the applicant. 
2. The signup account used in the official website ( will be used as the contact of applicant by default. The follow-up notification related to pre-selection and evaluation will be delivered to this contact first. Please keep the call and the mailbox accessible. 
3. The registration information and the application material will be presented on the official website, as well as online and offline media for publicity. The OC has the right to edit and publicly use the materials, including film entry information, posters, stills, trailers and clips of no more than 3 minutes, on GZDOC’s official channels. 

(vi) Update/Supplement of registration information and materials 
1. If applicant wants to update information or material after submission, please send an email to and explain the update in detail. After reviewed and approved by the OC, the update will be completed. 
2. If there are follow-up materials (such as posters, stills, promotional materials, awards, etc.), please send the materials to, with a detailed explanation. 
3. If the preview version is the version in post production, the applicant can submit the final screening version after being selected, but applicant cannot update the version during the evaluation process. 

(vii) Copyright Statement 
Applicant (and applying company) shall own the copyrights or distribution rights of the film submitted by him/her; shall ensure that there is no dispute over copyright of the film; guarantee it has acquired the copyrights/authorizations from the copyright owners for the music, video, image and text contained and used in the films; ensure the original contents in the film do not violate the copyrights or legal rights of any other third parties. Any disputes, damages or compensations arising out of or in relation to the copyright infringement of the film shall be borne by its applicant (and applying company). GZDOC reserves the right to disqualify any film with unauthorized copyrighted materials. 

V. Notice for DOCSHOP Applicants 
1. The OC has the right to select the films submitted into the DOCSHOP on-demand screening system.
2. OC has the right to display the information of selected films, including written materials, posters, samples, etc., to the related cooperation platforms in a bid to facilitate businesses. 
3. After the film is selected into the DOCSHOP, the application information and materials will be presented on the official website, as well as online and offline media for publicity. The OC has the right to edit and use the film information and materials submitted, including the film application information, posters, stills, trailers or snippet less than 3 minutes, on GZDOC’s official channels.

VI. Industry Screening 
1. Selection 
The OC will select the films registered for Industry Screenings and notify the qualified applicants by email in mid-October. 
2. Industry Screening Fee
The screening fee is varied according to different length of the films: 
(1) 2000 yuan / session for films under 90 minutes
(2) 2500 yuan / session for 90 -120 minute long films
(3) 3000 yuan / session for films over 120 minute 
3. Screening confirmation 
The applicant shall confirm the participation within two working days after receiving the screening notification (e-mail) issued by the OC and complete the payment for the screening fee within seven work days. Once the applicant would confirm the participation into industry screening and pay the fee, he/she could not withdraw for any reasons and the fee are not refundable.
4. Industry screening schedule 
The industry screening will be located at the GZDOC Venue, and the specific schedule and venue will be decided by the OC. 
5. Audience 
The industry screenings will only be open to registered participants of the GZDOC. 

VII. Statement 
1. Any changes against the regulations will be posted on the "GZDOC-Guidance-Notice " page of the official website ( The applicant can withdraw from the event if he/she thinks the modified clauses are unacceptable by notifying the OC within 10 working days after the announcement is posted. Otherwise, it will be deemed that the applicant accepts all the modified clauses.
2. If there were any situations that are not specified above, the OC reserves all rights for the final explanation of the regulations. 
3. The applicant signing up for DOCSHOP of 2019 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival should accept all the above terms and conditions. If there is any dispute, it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of PRC. 

General Office of the Organizing Committee of Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival 
March 15, 2019 

Manager of Copyright & Project Department 
Zhu Jiayi 
Tel: 020-38780150 call 807