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GZDOC 2018 International Pitching Session: Official Semi-finalists Announced

Release Time:2018-11-15

The GZDOC 2018 China Story International Pitching Session successfully wrapped up with 212 submissions from 20 countries/ regions, which covers a diverse range of theme including travel, wildlife, music, underwater archeology, education, sports, women and elderly. As a result of intense selection, 84 projects stand out to be the semi-finalists.


Below are the lists of semi-finalists. 

 International Projects 


A Journey Back Home


Director: Sun Yifan


Beethoven in Beijing


Director: Sharon Mullally


Being Genghis Khan

China | Austra

Director: Liang Renhong


Beyond the Boards

Canada | China

 Director: Kelly Wolfert


Chang’An Meets Rome

China | Italy

Directors: Zhao Weidong | Paolo Carrino


China Love (Series)

Australia | China

Director: Olivia Martin-McGuire


China White, Red And Blue

USA | China | Thailand

Director: Marc Iserlis


Empress of Fashion


Director: Nicole Ma



UK | China

Director: Hamish Allison




Directors: Alessandro De Toni | Lorenzo Cioffi




Director: Milos Pusic


Saving The Third Pole

Hong Kong, China

Director: Jerry Yu


The Extra's Journey

Taiwan, China

Director: Hsin-Yu Wu


The Year That Changed My Life


Director: Alison Black



 Domestic Projects 



3 Wenchuan Girls’ 10 Years

Director: Ma Zhidan


100-Years Night Club in China

Director: Zhang Li



Director: Carlo Christian Spano


Agaar's Nomad

Director: Yang Bo


Baseball Boys

Director: Xu Huijing


Ice Time

Director: Liu Hanxiang


Block Chain

Director: Luo Chong


Breath of the Plateau

Director: Xiong Juan


Cha Mu

Director: Guo Kai


Chaos and Loneliness

Director: Chen Changqing


China's Baby-Sitter

Director: Li Jinxiong


China Goes Electric

Director: Liang Xiaobei


Chinese Festival

Director: Liang Manshou


Chinese Spirits

Director: Yang Huazhou


Chinese Tea

Director: Pan Weiping | Xia Zhongjing | Tang Yan | Wang Tong | Gu Chenguang


Compendium of Marine Materia Medica

Directors: Bai Xinyu | Li Zonglin | Li Fei


Double Face

Director: Shi Xiaoguan


Enigma of China

Director: Yi Mingzhu


Finding Familiar

Director: Xing Kuiyang


Genghis Security Academy

Director: Wang Tiantian


Great Lake. Qinghai

Director: Wang Yajing


Guanyin Also Make Movies

Director: Li Shuang


Hell O Grace

Directors: Qiu Jaiqiu | Yu Hongmiao


Half of My Life

Director: Liu Xiaoran


 Homeland Kids

Directors: Zhang Mengke | Hu Tao | Liu Xiaolei | Shen Jie | Li Wei | Zou Xueping | Wang Haian | Tu Hailun | Rong Guangrong | Jiang Jijie


Hopes And Dreams - A Lounge Bridge Too Far

Director: Zhang Luyao


Joining the Army

Director: Chen Luozhong


Kid, Art

Director: Chen Zhihai


Last Gathering

Director: Xie Xiuyuan


Legend of Sichuan

Director: Yi Mingzhu


Life as They Like

Director: Yang Lizhu


Life Experiment

Director: Yu Feng | Du Ma Si Ran


Makers 2

Director: Xin Qitian


Make Sence Out of Life

Director: Chen Mo



Director: Wu Yijun


Mointal Ranger

Director: Li An Si Lin


My Child's Secret

Director: Zhong Changqian


My Dream

Director: Jin Xingzheng


My Way (Season 2)

Director: Feng Xiaowen


New Generation in Tibet Episode two

Director: Yu Miao


No. Three Bus in Fourth-tier City

Directors: Sun Guirong | Zhang Xiaodan


On the Road Project

Director: Zhang Xinyu


Our Life

Director: Xin Qitia


People in the Nunnery

Director: Wu Xiaowen


Reality Development

Director: Zhang Lin


Seasons Greeting

Director: Liang Junjian


Seeking Chung Kuo

Director: Liu Junwei | Zhu Yun | Liu Weifu


Spring Festival in Rural Areas

Directors: Hu Jiurong | Hai Jinxing


Storm Dock

Director: Liang Luoxing


Stubborn Granny

Directors: Yu Yan | Yang Yiling



Director: Taxi Qingpeng


The Disabled Art Troupe

Director: Yan Shaokun


The Documentary Film Festival of Snow Leopard Lama

Director: Cui Ying


The Head Under Age

Director: Xie Binhui


The Heart of Shaolin Temple

Director: Sun Hongyun


The Immense Forest of ChangBai Mountain

Director: Zheng Jun


The Journey of a Song

Director: Zhang Qitian


The Light Runner

Directors: Feng Feng | Sun Hui


The Secret History of The Huns

Director: Liang Xiaobei


The Seventh Road to Tibet

Director: Luan Jiang


The Sound of Camel Bell

Director: Liu Yingzhi


“The Stream”on the Snow Mountain

Director: Wang Xuan | Li Xiaobing


The Weaveland

Director: Peter Zupanc


Underwater China

Director: Zhou Fang


Watching the Way You Are Coming

Director: Liu Xiangchen


Where Is Our Parents

Director: Zhang Tianmou



Director: Zhou Bing


The Climbing Grocer

Director: Zhang Yunping


New Architecture In China

Director: Wang Xun




The finalists for China Story International Pitching Session will be announced at the end of November.