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GZDOC 2018 International Pitching Session: Finalists Announced

Release Time:2018-12-02

The GZDOC ‘China Story’ International Pitching Session received 212 project-entries in total from 20 countries this year. All the projects are about real-life stories from around the world, with diverse perspectives and in-depth observations of social issues. The production value of these pitches are top notch. After two rounds of intense selections, 28 finalists will pitch to the decision makers at the China Story International Pitching Sessions during the festival from 11th to 13th December.


Below are the lists of 8 international projects and 20 domestic ones:

 International Projects 



A Journey Back Home


Writer/Director: Sun Yifan





Beethoven in Beijing


Writer/Director: Sharon Mullally | Jennifer Lin





Being Genghis Khan

China | Austria

Writer/Director: Liang Renhong





Beyond The Boards


Writer/Director: Kelly Wolfert





China Love Series


Writer/Director: Olivia Martin- Mcguire






USA | China | Thailand

Writer/Director: Marc Iserlis






UK | China

Writer/Director: Hamish Allision





The Year That Changed My Life


Writer/Director: Alison Black




 Domestic Projects 


Agaars Nomad

Writer/Director: Yang Bo





USA | China | Georgia

Writer/Director: Carlo Christian Spano





Baseball Boys

Writer/Director: Xu Huijing





China’s Baby-sitter

Writer/Director: Li Jinxiong





Chinese Child

Writer/Director: Rong Guangrong | Hu Tao | Jiang Jijie | Li Wei | Liu Xiaolei | Shen Jie | Wang Haian | Zhang Mengqi | Zou Xueping | Tu Hailun





Dancing Me

Writer/Director: Zhou Bing





Dare to Grow Up

Writer/Director: Zhang Lin





Genghis Security Academy

Writer/Director: Wang Tiantian





Half of My Life

Writer/Director: Liu Xiaoran | Liu Yi



Life As They Like It

Writer/Director: Yang Lizhu





My Way Season 2

Writer/Director: Feng Xiaowen





Reborn in Water

Writer/Director: Jin Xingzheng





Seasons Greeting

Writer/Director: Liang Junjian





Seeking China

Writer/Director: Liu Junwei | Zhu Yun | Liu Weifu





Spring Festival in Rural Areas

Writer/Director: Hai Jinxing, Hu Jiurong





Ten Years in Wenchuan: Three Girls

Writer/Director: Ma Zhidan





The Climbing Grocer

Writer/Director: Zhang Yunping





The Extras Journey

Writer/Director: Wu Xinyu





The Journey of A Song

Writer/Director: Zhang Qijia





The Sound of Camel Bell

Writer/Director: Liu Yingzhi