"Young Vision, Young China" — 2018 Next Wave Student Documentary Competition Calls For Entries

Release Time:2017-04-01

As an important section of GZDOC 2018, Next Wave Student Documentary Competition calls for entries before 15th September 2018 from national and international undergraduates, with the theme ‘Young Vision, Young China’.Documentaries that outperform others will be able to join the national screening circuit organized by GZDOC and to gain funds for their projects. By showcasing excellent student documentaries, GZDOC aims at bringing the global audiences a different perspective of China.

Documentary Subjects

Based on the theme of ‘Young Vision, Young China’, undergraduates shall make documentaries under but not limit to the following topics:

                               Foreigners in China

                               Chinese City/ Countryside

                               Stories in Chinese Cities

                               Food Culture in China

                               Culture about China’s minority ethnicity

                               Innovation & Technology

Competition Process

1. GZDOC is calling for entries from national and international graduates. The submission deadline is 15th September 2018.

2. From September to December, the organization committee will invite industry professionals to select 30 finalists. 7 films out of the finalists will be awarded at the GZDOC Student Documentary Competition Award Ceremony.

3. Films that are selected into the finalists list will have the opportunity to be screened on television,online video websites, and in universities screening events.

Application Conditions

1. The submitted works should be completed by officially registered college students. Applicants are required to provide a student certificate or a copy of student ID when submitting their films.

2. No limit is set for participants’nationalities.

3. Universities and co-operating organizations of GZDOC are encouraged to participate the competition by recommending their students and assisting students’ submission. Individual works or team works are both welcomed.

Application Requirements

1. The submitted films should follow the principles of authentic creation originating from director's personal experience and observation of social life. Subject matters discussed in the film should follow the themes set for this competition, and should be thoughtful and meaningful.

2. No films or projects shall contain pornography, violence and/or racial discrimination elements; nor shall they conflict with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.

3. Product placements are not allowed to be embedded in any submitted film.

4. The organization committee will only accept finished documentaries. Any unfinished film that is in pre-production/production/post-production will be not qualified for the competition.

5. No limit is set for the length of submitted films. Films less than 30 minutes long should be titled ‘short’, while films over 30 minutes long should be titled ‘feature’.

6. All submissions are required to contain both Chinese and English subtitles.

Guidance for Film Submission

1. Please send the application materials shown below to press@gzdoc.cn with the subject of ‘film title—College documentary’, and note the film title again with a contact phone number in the text.

I. Entry Form. (click here to download)

II. Two stills from the submitted film. (in JPG format >= 300 dpi, size larger than 1 MB)

III. A profile picture of the film’s director.(in JPG format >= 300 dpi, size larger than 1 MB)

IV. A picture of the crew/production team. (in JPG format >= 300 dpi, size larger than 1 MB)

V. A student status certificate or a scanned copy of student ID. (in JPG format >= 300 dpi, size larger than 1 MB)

VI. An online link with password for the organization committee to download the film for preview purpose. (in MP4 or MOV format >= HD 720P, data rates 2000kbps – 5000kbps)


1. Documents I – V shall be sent as email attachments with correct titles.

2. Documents I – V shall be tilted ‘film name –entry form/ student certificate’.

3. Document VI shall be included in the email body. Participant’s name and contact information should be also included in the email body.

4. All submission materials should be delivered to the organization committee before 15th September 2018.

Alternative to submitting a film via online link,participants can send a DVD or USB containing their films (video format requirement is shown above) to the address below:

Room 3303, Fuli Yinglong Square, No. 76 Huangpu Avenue,

Tian He District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510630.

Recipient: Ms. Lotus Liu

Tel: +86 (0)20 38780150 - 809


1. The Organizing Committee of GZDOC is not responsible for the postage and insurance costs of submission materials, and does not assume the responsibility for loss or damage or caused by any other force majeure that might emerge during mail delivery.

2. All application materials will be kept by the Organizing Committee for archiving and will not be returned. Participants shall keep backup of their films.

3. When the competition results are released, the organizing committee will inform the winners by e-mail or phone. If winners do not reply and confirm within two weeks, they will be considered waiver.

4. In case the Rules are modified, we will post an announcement on our website. The applicant can withdraw from the event if he/she thinks the modified clauses are unacceptable, by notifying the Organizing Committee within 7 working days after the post. Otherwise, the applicant is deemed to accept the modified conditions.


1. All submitted works shall be the creations of applicants themselves. Applicant (or applying institution) shall possess the copyright or distribution right of the submitted film, and shall ensure that there is no dispute over copyright of the film, and shall ensure that he/she has obtained the copyrights or the authorization of the copyright owner(s) to use the music, video image and texts contained/used in the film. The applicant or applying institution should be responsible for any dispute arising out of or in relation to the copyright of the film.

2. The Organizing Committee is entitled to use no more than three minutes of serial images of each film for promotion purposes through TV, cinema, video network or other media.

3. The Organizing Committee is entitled to use the application materials, stills, posters and trailers of each film to promote GZDOC through press work, promotional video, cinema, TV, Internet, mobile TV and public areas.

4. The Organizing Committee is entitled to use the submitted films for free in the screening tour of this competition and broadcast them through TV, Internet, universities and any other culture venues.

Organizing Structure


            The Organizing Committee of Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival (China)

China Education Television

China Youth News 

Academic Support Institutions

             Communication University of China

             South China University of Technology


             School of Journalism and Communication of South China University of Technology 

             Global Raytur International Public Communication Organization.

Cooperative Organizations 

             Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture of Beijing Normal University

             Beijing Documentary Development Association

             China Insight.

The Organizing Committee reserves all rights of final explanation of all activities.

Official Website: www.gzdoc.cn

Official Wechat Account: GZDOC_Official


Ms Lotus Liu

Tel: +86 (0)20 38780150 – 809

Email: press@gzdoc.cn