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The Golden Kapok Screening

The Golden Kapok Screening is the largest documentary film screening in China as well as the brand screening activity of Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival(GZDOC). Over the past three years, the screening program has successfully attracted over 500 thousand audiences by screening hundreds of outstanding documentaries from more than 30 countries and regions include the United States, Germany, France, New Zealand and etc. in metropolises such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. Until August 2017, a total of 301 documentaries with 1,060 showings were presented to the public. The screening program is mainly divided into four parts including permanent screenig, theme screening, tour screening and festival screening.

Screening venues widely covered the main two theater chains with 15 high-ticket-sales cinemas; entered and stationed in the three biggest cultureal creative parks, which includes 289 Creative Park, 1978 Cultural Creative Park and Zinitang Creative Park; managed to establish long-term cooperation with six landmarks of cultural activities, which comprise of 289 Art Park, 1200 Bookshop, Remix Lab, Guangzhou Shopping Mall, Flower City Convention & Exhibition Center and Barren Island Library; built exclusive partnership with WePiao, the largest entertainment ticketing platform, and Gewara.


1. Permanent Screening

There are three permanent screening venues we use for showcasing which includes the Guangzhou Library, Yinrun lecture room at Tongji University in Shanghai, and Foshan Pingzhou Cultural Center.

With a capacity of 250 people, the movie theater in Guangzhou Library has an average occupancy of 85% and is been used for screening every Sunday for the past three years.

2. Themed Screening

Other than the permanent screenings, we also scheme special theme screenings with multiple partners on trendy social issues to be showed during non-festival period. “Guangzhou Image” and “Northern Europe Documentaries” are two examples of the theme screenings we have put up.

3. Tour Screening

In 2017, we have selected nine films, either received or nominated by the Golden Kapok Award, to be screened in 40 universities from 20 cities that covered 7 regions throughout China.

4. Festival Sceening

This part of the screening, we gather numerous documentary films that have received awards and honors from world-known festivals such as HotDocs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Venice International Film Festival, Cannes International Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival and etcetera.

Also, please stay tuned to our full list of screening schedules!