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13:30 – 15:00   Dec 11
13:30 – 15:00   Dec 12

Number of Appointment
Each delegate can only request 2 meetings maximum online
Each delegate can only request 3 meeting maximum on-site 
15-mineach meeting
One Chinese-English translator will company each decision maker.
Online Meeting Request: System open Dec 1-7
How to Reserve a Meeting?
STEP ONE: Create an account
You are required to use your email address as your account name, which is used for your registration of One-on-One Meeting with Decision Makers

STEP TWO: Registration for a festival pass
1.       registration link (please refer to Registration Guidance at our site).
registration system:
2.       Please choose Festival Delegate Pass when you register.
3.       Please complete your profile when filling the registration form.
 (Decision Makers will refer to your profile before the meeting)

4.       Complete the payment.

(if you have the free registration code, the payment will be 0 CNY)

STEP THREE: Request a Meeting Online
1.       Log in with your account.
2.       Read the Regulation Carefully.
3.       read the profile of decision makers and make reservation online.
4.       Request a Meeting online.
5.       Festival staff will check if you are eligible for appointment, and notify you by email of your appointment.


1.       You can’t make meeting request with the same decision maker for two time-slots.

2.      If festival delegates want to cancel or make changes of the reservation, please send an email to for modification request.

3.       Please note that the decision makers reserves the right decline your meeting without explanation.

4.      If the decision maker is unable to attend the appointment for any reason, the staff will contact you as soon as possible to help modify the appointment time or communicate in other ways. Please understand the work of the staff and actively cooperate.

5.       Festival staff reserves the right to cancel your meeting request without explanation if you have violated the regulation.

6.       Please check the meeting reservation bulletin on-site for final confirmation.

7.       Pitchers, Exhibitors and International Delegates have the priority in the meeting reservation.        

8.       Meeting reservation is first come first serve basis.


1. Festival delegates can make an appointment with the decision makers onsite from 9 DEC. Please go to information desk "One-On-One Meeting Reservation" of the Docshop and fill in application form.
2. The appointment with the decision maker can be validated only once, and each delegate is restricted to make anappointment with at most two decisionmakers.