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DocuMart is the marketing service provided by GZDOC with three major components, 'China Stories' International Pitching Session, Doc Shop and GZDOC International TV & FilmMarket Exhibition. DocuMart has become the most important documentaryindustrial market in China.

GZDOC 2020 Pitching Session

This session started from 2004, including pitching trainings, pitching forums and one-on-one meetings with the decision makers. Each year, it will select top 10 best pitches from around 200 submitted projects.

Below are the 3 segments of the GZDOC 2020 pitching session:

       1) ‘China Stories’ International Pitching Session

The pitches shall have distinctive Chinese elements (Either it is shot in China or it is about China,including culture, history, social issues, technology, nature etc.).

       2) International Pitching Session

International pitches,including Sino-foreign co-productions,  focuses on wider topics.

       3) 2020 Special Focus Pitch -World Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The pitches shall have special focuses on the COVID-19 outbreak and/or its influences. *This segment is open to projects in post-production stage only.