China Documentary Express: Feature - "Unfinished Lives"

Feature: "Unfinished Lives" -- Student Academy Awards winner remembers murdered USC Chinese student

Chen credits her win in part to the potency of the tragic story she depicts in her 23-minute short documentary. The film follows 24 year-old Ji Xinran, a top electrical engineering USC Master's Degree student from China, whose life was brutally cut short by a gang of fourinner-city youths who beat him to death with a baseball bat and a steel bar after he fled in terror when they tried to rob him on his way home from USC after dark.


Yang documentary separates virtual reality from real world

Jamy Yang’s Parallel World” is a documentary recently produced to reflect on minimalism in industrial design and the ideal relationship between humans and nature.

From the perspective of celebrated designerand collector Jamy Yang, crowned the Most Influential Chinese Industrial Designer by Forbes, the 25-minute documentary examines how technological innovation in modern society has influenced people’s lives. It chronicles Yang’s creation process and his thinking about the differences between virtual and reality in the digital age.