China Documentary Express: Program sees young directors tell China's story

Program sees young directors tell China's story

CHONGQING - Usama Kalim, a 27-year-old university student who grew up in rural Pakistan, always longed to live in a big city. At least, that was until he experienced rural life in China.

While in China, Kalim joined the Looking China Youth Film Project and directed a short documentary about a young Chinese man named Lang Xiaoyong who gave up his job in the big city and chose to start a business near his hometown in the countryside.


Documentarian Michael Wood: Chinese people key to reform

The person who wrote the script and hosted the documentary is Michael Wood, a renowned historian and filmmaker from the UK. With five episodes in total, The Story of China's Reform and Opening-up differs from some previous Western documentaries on the topic. It calmly tells the story of China's 40 years of reform and opening-up, covering topics from China's high-speed railway to the changes in the educational system, from thee-commerce of Alibaba to Westlake University.