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Title:Dutch Film Documentary Master, Senior Film Photographer, Pioneer of Single Shot Cinema(SSC)
Name:Leonard Retel Helmrich


LeonardRetel Helmrich (1959) is a Dutch cinematographer and film director.  He received highest honors for internationaldocumentaries at the Sundance Festival 2005 and was the first two-timeInternational Documentary winner at the International Documentary Film festivalAmsterdam (IDFA). He has established more than 20 SSC studios in Europe, Asia,North America, Australia and Africa, as well as film and television broadcasts,independent filmmakers, and universities around the world. Helmrich is famousfor perfecting the 'Single Shot Cinema’ (SSC) filming method and his relatedtechnical camera innovations. With his feature observational documentarytrilogy 'The Eye of the Day' (2001), ‘Shape of the Moon’ (2004)’ and ‘PositionAmong the Stars’ he  became famous in thedocumentary film world and won many international awards like Sundance (2005and 2011) and IDFA (2004 and 2010). After three years teaching the Single ShotCinema theory and technique at the (NYUAD) New York University in New York andAbu Dhabi he now is shooting a observational documentary “The Camp” in refugeecamps in Lebanon.