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Title:International Co-Productions and Acquisitions Consultant, Buyer& Author, International Media Consult & Business Services
Name:Hans-Stefan Heyne


Stefan started his careerwithin NDR Television of Hamburg being part of Germany’sbiggest public broadcaster ARD – Channel One, then worked at Studio Hamburg as productionexecutive/executive producer, being responsible for budgets and contracts inthe field of both series and documentaries. 

In1985 he joined SAT.1 as head of productions, and became Head ofInternational Co-Productions and Acquisitions at ‘NDR International’ in 1988, anewly founded company, responsible for all commercial activities of NDR, itbeing international programme acquisitions, co-productions, programme sales,home video and on-line activities etc. Later in the 1990s ‘NDR International’was merged with Studio Hamburg, the second biggest production, post-production,dubbing etc. company in Germany, and became responsible for its entiredistribution activities worldwide, called ‘Studio Hamburg Entertainment’(“SHEN”) today – still with many ties to China for various co-productionactivities.

Stefanleft SHEN on 31 December 2011 and set up his own company as of the year 2012.