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Title:Founder and President, Latin America, TAL
Name:Maria Luiza Carneiro Campos Viana Batista


Malu is a founder and President of TAL. Shehas also worked as Executive Producer in more than 300 audiovisual works. Incinema, recently co-produced the feature films: Tattoo, Between Valleys, RatFever and the film-documentary Cartola - music for the eyes. In TVdocumentaries, there over one hundred, such as Oscar Niemeyer - The Architectof the Century, The Brazilians for Discovery Channel and Children of the Sunfor People & Arts, all nominated for the Emmy International Awards. Maluhas been regularly contributing to many international meetings and forumstaking the Latin American perspective.

TALis a network of public and cultural TVs from all Latin American communities andcountries. TAL’s mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding, tofacilitate the exchange of audiovisual contents and to strengthen the work ofpublic service broadcasters. TAL also organizes joint actions such asco-productions, professional training and creative workshop.