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Title:Director for the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM)
Name:Masashi Niwano


MasashiNiwano is the Festival & Exhibition Director for the Center for AsianAmerican Media (CAAM). He is a Bay Area native who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in FilmProduction from San Francisco State University. Masashi has been associatedwith CAAM for over a decade, starting as an intern, then becoming involved intheater operations and, finally, being chosen as a selected filmmaker (FallingStars, 2006). Prior to re-joining CAAM as Festival & Exhibition Director,Masashi was the Executive Director for the Austin Asian American Film Festival.He is also an active filmmaker, who has worked on numerous films and musicvideos that are official selections at Outfest, Newfest & South By Southwest.Masashi is a Democrat and a religious Agnostic.