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Title:Executive producer, China LIC Hong Kong Ltd.
Name:Steven Seidenberg


Sixteen years inuniversity followed by thirty-three years documentary television production,the last thirteen of which almost exclusively in Asia (variously Hong Kong,Singapore, Seoul and Beijing). Worked for LIC China (HK), a division ofLIC-BCBC (Beijing), since 2010 specializing in international co-productions ofspecialist factual (e.g. history, science, natural history, human interest) andcreative documentaries. Have recently started working in factual realityformats. When not working for LIC I freelance as a trainer (variously CrossingBorders, Greenhouse, CNEX, Tokyo Docs, BCPF, etc.) and as a script-doctor.Proudest moment? Was the script-writer for International Emmy Award-winning NoBurqas Behind Bars.