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Title:Executive Producer, Educational Broadcasting System (EBS)
Name:Hyunsook Chung
Country:South Korea


Dr. Hyunsook Chung isa senior executive producer at Educational Broadcasting System (EBS), Korea.She started her career at EBS as a TV producer in 1987, and has been active inthe field of international educational media for over 15 years - first as asenior executive officer specialising in Asian children’s programme developmentat the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), then as a project manager at theAsia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD), and since 2004 aschairperson of the ABU Children’s Programme Working Party.

In 2004 Hyunsook initiated thefirst Asian drama coproduction season, executive-producing the series for 3years; and between 2010 and 2012 she was Director of the EBS InternationalDocumentary Festival.

Since 2000, Hyunsookhas run children’s programme production workshops in many different Asiancountries and served as jury member at a number of international festivalsincluding Japan Prize, Prix Jeunesse,Documenta Madrid, the ABUPrize, the AIBD Prize and the BaKa Forum.

After a two year break in theUK to complete a PhD (on global dynamics of education policy) Hyunsook returned in 2015 to her specialist fieldof international children’s programme development, executive producing an Asianchildren’s documentary coproduction Baby on the Way, whose second season,coproduced by six different countries, is now in production.