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Title:Managing Director , the Moving Visuals Co. Pte Ltd.
Name:Loh Choon Khim


One ofAsia’s most established producers, KhimLoh co-founded The MovingVisuals Co. with a wealth of industry experience.  As Executive Producer, Khim’s TV productioncredits include over a hundred productions for local broadcasters such asMediaCorp and international broadcasters including National Geographic Channel,Discovery Channel, History Channel, Biography Channel, NHK, Astro and manyothers.

An established seminar speaker, Khimhas participated in the InternationalEmmy Awards and prestigious Banff TV Festival in Canada as amember of the international jury.  Shewas also invited to speak at the AsianSide of the Doc in Tokyo; Small Screen Big Picture conferences in Western Australia, the Trigger Points co conference inthe Victoria Independent Film Festival, BCWW in South Korea and Mipdoc in Cannes. 

Beyond television, Khim’sinternational portfolio includes producing corporate documentaries for MNCs andoverseeing thousands of commercials for major agencies around Asia. 

Khim is a foundingmember and currently the Vice-President of the Association of IndependentProducers (AIPRO) in Singapore.