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Title: Senior Series Producer of WGBH
Name:Melanie Wallace


MelanieWallace has been dedicated to public television for over twenty years servingin many different capacities from production assistant to film director.Currently, she is the Senior Series Producer for NOVA, now in its 44 th season, which is produced byBoston’s WGBH TV for public television.


In that role, Melanie is connected to all aspects of productionand works closely with Senior Executive Producer, Paula Apsell. Together, they search for new talent, innovative program ideas, and new co-production opportunities. Melanie is the driving force behind the deals brokered betweenNOVA and NOVA’s numerous partners such as the BBC, ARTE, ABC Australia, NHK,and CITVC to mention a few.


 Melanie also serves as the NOVA ambassador, traveling to promote the NOVA brand and raise awareness ofNOVA’s award-winning science programming and its role in science literacy. Shehas recently attended conferences in Hong Kong, France, Germany, Brazil, andGreece where she share NOVA's experiences of using the power of television toexcite the general public about science. Additionally, she serves as a jurorfor a variety of awards including the News and Documentary Emmys, ColumbiaDupont Awards, Jackson Hole Wildlife Festival and the Beijing Science Festival.