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Craft A Destiny 缪斯之旅
Director : Woody Woo
Year: 2015
videoLength: 25min*6sets

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If life is a journey with only a one-way ticket, this would be the mosthonest and magnificent documentation of the destinies of these fivecontemporary women, who had crossed land barriers and cultural boundaries inpursuit of beauty and freedom. Abiding by their instinctive sensitivity to theunknown world, they stick to their genuine nature and sing the song of freedom;in the name of love, they craft their own destinies and inspire others.

Craft A Destiny unfolds the life stories of five female artists. Thesefive women managed to focus on their own fields of expertise during differenteras and under different cultural circumstances, and used their wisdom andcharm to inspire the world around them. They have crossed many barriers, burstthrough the restrictions of tradition with their unique perspectives. Theychose to express themselves boldly through their art, and shown the world in awhole new light. They were led by their dreams to take life journeys throughvarious aspects, and created extraordinary lives for themselves.This seriesbrings forth a showcase of the people and their fates within the changes ofsocial confinements from the beginning of last century to the current days. Theproduction crew visited multiple countries and filmed on site in Kenya,Denmark, Japan, France, United States, etc., interviewed a large number ofcelebrities and specialists in the field of art, and combined with directcinema and archival storytelling techniques.