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CHINA NEW YEAR 中国春节——全球最大的盛会
Director : Giulia Clark, Michael Rees, Paul Nelson, Stuart Ellott
Country:China | Britain
Year: 2016
videoLength: 50min*3sets

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Chinese New Year is a traditional festival with a long history of theChinese nation. At the same time, it also sees the largest annual massmigration of humans on the planet, when a sixth of the world’s population travelhome to celebrate with their families. Now, with a team of 4 presenters basedat three key locations across China through out the Chinese New Year, we’lltell the story of this massive annual celebration.   Across three fantastically rich episodes,we’ll unpick this monumental annual occasion, delving into every part of theextravaganza.Alongside, we’ll get to grips with how the Chinese transportnetwork copes with such a sudden and extreme spike in demand, but we’ll alsodiscover how Chinese New Year is much more than just the mass movement ofpeople; it’s a momentous celebration, cemented by thousands of years of historyand a time of great emotion as over a billion Chinese come together to honourtradition with their families. Each film will show just how logisticallyawe-inspiring the event is at the same time as revealing the human stories too;the warmth and humanity that lie at the heart of the celebrations – a side ofChina we rarely get to see.