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The Great Meal 伟大的一餐
Director : Gan Chao, Gong Wei, Jin Zhenman, Li Jiameng, Chen Fu, Zhao Junmo, Jin Ying
Country:China | Korea
Year: 2016
videoLength: 50min*3sets

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Produced by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), ShanghaiDocumentary Channel, and YUNJI MEDIA CO.,Ltd, the 4K film shows the mystery offood, and answers two key questions with forward-looking vision and philosophicalthinking. One is how does food shape mankind? The other is how does food changethe future of human? The three- episode documentary shows us the greatness offood lies in the great wisdom and hardship in finding food and creating food.This is not only the dinner of loner, but also the greatest meal of the day.