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The Tale Of Chinese Medicine 本草中国
Director : Gan Chao, Zheng Bo, Han Yun, Sun Hong, Xu Yingying, Xu Zhen, Zhang Yingjie, Lu Yanling
Year: 2016
videoLength: 40min*10sets

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Documentary "The Tale Of ChineseMedicine" , leading the audience into the mysterious world of magicmedicine. In the search for authentic ingredients, reducing processing skills,coaching medicine principle of the process, the depth of decryption profoundculture of Chinese medicine, and to explore the Chinese traditional cultureesoteric about "life" to complete an endless journey to find.

The film do not avoid“ stunt verge ofextinction, hard to find authentic ingredients" and other seriousproblems, but try not to go the route plight, not mere personal stories, and Itis attempting to use a warm, real visual power of recording one heartwarmingstory to express traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese traditional cultureof respect, and a little mysterious atmosphere for people to present an energymiraculous medicine in the world, triggering View by curiosity, thus completingthe traditional Chinese cultural enlightenment.