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Cecilia 塞西莉娅
Director : Pankaj Johar
Year: 2015
videoLength: 84min

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Cecilia hails from India’s neglected tribalbelt and works as a housekeeper in New Delhi. When her 14 year old daughter istrafficked and found dead in a house in Delhi, she decides to fight for justicewith the help of her employers Pankaj and Sunaina. But in a country wherethousands of tribal children get trafficked every year to cities and many neverfound, the road to justice seems long and slow. As the three battle corruptionat all levels, they soon find themselves navigating a complex network of cops,traffickers, judges, lawyers, villagers and family members. When Cecilia’shusband is kidnapped and her two sons are forced to leave the village, shebegins to lose all hope. With the pressure from traffickers mounting, Ceciliaeventually ends up taking the money from traffickers and withdraws the casefrom the court. She goes back to her village hoping to start a new life. Butinstead, she takes to alcohol and 6 months later succumbs to liver failure.