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Blank Lands 寻找庄学本
Director : Federico Peliti, Yan Zhiyong
Country:China | Italy
Year: 2015
videoLength: 66min

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By presenting the heart shaking black andwhite photos and the real life of the minorities in southwest China, thedocumentary depicts the story of Zhuang Xueben, the pioneer of China’s imageanthropology and a great photographer.

Zhuang Xueben had spent almost ten yearsinvestigating and studying the minorities’ habitation in Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansuand Qinghai province from 1934 to 1942. Having taken thousands of photos andwritten million-word research reports, travel notes and diaries, he held Xikangphoto exhibition in 1941 with over 200 thousand visitors. Those photosdemonstrate the mental outlook of the minorities at the time, leaving areliable and credible visual archive and research report for the history ofChinese Minorities. But until today, his visual documents are discoveredgradually and his contribution and status in the photographic history can beredefined.