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Be My Wings 伴我高飞
Director : Li Lin
Year: 2016
videoLength: 83min

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This is an exciting story about pains, dreams, love, and courage.The story tells about the experience of Dahe, a senior parasail pilot, who gotdisabled in an accident and with the support of his family and friends, wasready to challenge to become “the first parasail pilot in a wheelchair inChina”. A group of friends in parasailing decided to raise money to help Dahe,who has borne flying in mind constantly, return to the blue sky and planned anactivity of flying again with special significance. All kinds of huge pressure cameone after another. Parasailing in a wheelchair was the first time in China.They must ensure everything was perfectly safe and Dahe must overcomechallenges physically and mentally and get on a hard journey to seek himselfagain and locate his life. Could they successfully fulfill this crazy mission?