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Seven Kilometers 七公里
Director : Rashidorj
Year: 2016
videoLength: 58min

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In Helan, China, there is a"road" in the world's top off road car climbing ". Competitorsfrom around the world on every second face of the elderly, almost died was notan accident. Gao Jinsong is the challenger of the road. In Beijing, there is asixty year old patients with severe depression called "beard"".He often plans to commit suicide and take action. Gao Jinsong and the"beard" acquaintance, with "beard" Hooke decided to climbthe road. The decision was opposed by all the people. The autumn of 2015, GaoJinsong was silent with the confusion of "beard" on the road of deathchallenge. "Seven kilometers" will show the reason of the desperatemove, two people whether Enron, depression patients "beard" whetherstill to die...... ?