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ALMOST NOTHING. CERN: A Social Experiment 似乎什么都没有——一个社会实验
Proposal : Anna de Manincor( director) / Serena Gramizzi(producer)
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For everybody CERN means the biggest worldwide particle physics research centre, but it’s also something else: the most extraordinary social and human experiment based on meritocracy and sharing values. The documentary portraits the multicultural community that lives in CERN: all in all 15.000 people. CERN’s citadel appears to be a society based on coopetition (collaboration&competition), based on largely operated with the explicite purpose: serving mankind. Following a small group of scientists, re­searchers, engineers and employees that are part of the larger scientific community, the film dives into the social fabric of CERN, exploring the following questions: How does this temporary community collaborate to reach the same goals with such a diversity of nationalities, cultures, expertise, ages, tempers, religions and political orientations? Can this model be applied elsewhere? Is this citadel one the best European achievement or an utopian dream that will perish un­der the effect of the European shrinking economy?

Anna de Manincor (Italy, 1972), filmmaker and visual artist, lives in Bologna (Italy) and moves between several other towns in Europe (Brussels, Milan, Budapest, Venice, Marseille). Professor of videomaking at NABA - Fine Arts Academy in Milan. Works within the filmmakers group ZimmerFrei since the year 2000 and directed seven documentary films (“Temporary Cities” series and others) collaborating with the sound designer Massimo Carozzi and the artist Anna Rispoli. Selected in various festivals such as Visions du Réel (Switzerland), Torino Film Festival (Italy), Thessaloniki Doc Film Festival (Greece), DMZ DOCS (South Korea). Invited at the Venice Art Biennale in 2003.