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Rice Road 稻米之路
Proposal : DONG HAOMIN
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A Global History presents in detail the historical journey that rice has taken, from its early origin as a staple food in China Asian and West African countries to its ubiquitous place in meals across the world today. Rice has become a significant and indispensable agricultural product worldwide. Rice has long had a strong influence on the global political scene. It also has deep emotional significance at the table, where it holds great importance integral to many ethnic identities and appears in cultural rituals, literature, music, painting and poetry. Our cultural habits, the arts and the myriad ways in which we plant, harvest, package and consume rice help to define peoples all over the world. Rice is an engaging look at one of our most enriching foods.

Mr Dong Haomin, a producer and director of CCTV, finished education in London College of Communication, University of the Arts of London, studying Interactive Media, and obtained master degree in Arts. Mr Dong, previously worked for British paper THE SUNDAY MIRROR, currently Mr Dong is a visiting professor at  Academy of fine arts of Guangxi Normal University, and creative leader of DONG STUDIO, in Science and Education Programme Production Center of CCTV.