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He Duoling, the painter from Chengdu 成都画家——何多苓
Proposal : Rene Mendel
Country:The Netherlands
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Filmmaker Frank Scheffer meets the world of celebrated Chinese painter He Duoling (1948). He Duoling learned with the technique of oil painting to continue the Chinese painting tradition. Although his love for modern classic music and Russian Literature was forbidden at that time, these two helped him to renew the paint art.

The film tells us about a painter who inspires the young generation of artists by bringing back Chinese poetry in contemporary painting. Is Frank Scheffers able to learn to "see" how He Duoling "looks" and to transform this into his own visual languages?

 René Mendel (Amsterdam, 1950) was a lecturer for 12 years at the University of Amsterdam. Later he became the director of research and development agency foundation ITEM, which used to do research on the field of urban issues. Nowadays he creates and produces as director of Interakt films and television series, as well as multimedia productions.