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Winterweet and Tulips 腊梅与郁金香
Proposal : Han Junqian
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The film is about the story of Wu Haixia, an “after 70s” mother from Wulaojia Village, Minquan County, Henan Province, who chased her dream of Henan opera, and her daughter Zhou Kejun, an “after 90s” girl struggling her future in Shanghai, with the dream of broadcasting. Wu Haixia learned Henan opera from her father when she was a child. Regardless of great life pressure after marriage, she’s still unable to forget the unfulfillable dream of Henan opera. Zhou Kejun, who used to be a left-behind girl, fulfilled her wish to learn broadcasting and hosting major. After graduation, she worked in Zhengzhou and Quanzhou successively. Now she came to Shanghai for chasing her dream of broadcasting.

Han Junqian is a national first-class director. She works at China Central Newsreels Corporation and is the director of Han Junqian Studio. She graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 1992 and received a master degree of Art. Her film Piano Dream won The Best Documentary both in Huabiao Award as well as the 23th Chinese Golden Rooster Award Film Festival.
The first season of his documentary series Nostalgia won Ten Top Works in the 21th China TV documentary series.