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Change 嬗变
Proposal : Liu Xuan
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Would those children who live in remote villages change their lives with the financial help of the fund? Would they achieve their childhood dreams? If those donations have any influence on their lives? What are the most unforgettable things in their lives when they work hard to make their living different? Whether the so-call “consolidation of class” exists in modern China? How would those children shape their different lives under the same environment and the same time?
The film just wants to record a period of time without any interference or comments on it. Everything leaves to be sensed by audience themselves, how would those children’s future be like with the financial support from funds in China? 

Liu Xuan, Lecturer in Shenzhen Bolun Vocational And Technical School. Bachelor degree of animation Art, Beijing Film Academy in 2010. Master degree of film producing, Beijing Film Academy in 2016. In 2009, take part in the animation film Happy Running that directed by Sun li Jun and produce by Beijing Flim Studio. He won the Award of Excellence on the 13th China Film Festival Awards.