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The Snake: My Origin 蛇祖
Proposal : HSU, KUO-YANG
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Crying hundred-step snakes appeared in the Dahou group of Paiwan tribe in Southern Taiwan. The tribal leader died accidentally, the heritage is interrupted, and the tribe is shrouded in a nightmare. Can the young succeeding leader withstand the hundred-step snake trial? 
In the late 1970s, Hsue-Ming Chen of Huban Town, Zhanghu of Fujian Province, China initiated the return of the snake festival tradition in the hope of commemorating the ancestors. After decades the snake festival becomes more and more lively, but Hsue-Ming Chen becomes more and more worried, because the ancestors’ intention to commemorate the snake festival is even more forgotten. 【The Snakes My Origin】, depicting the impact of the snake culture and its tenacity!

Producer : HSU, KUO-YANG
Having engaged in writing and reporting for decades, HSU is good at theme development. He had planned and produced many documentary films, such as Ancient Oceanic Explorers, which studies the proliferation of prehistoric Austronesians from the archaeological evidence, Friends of Humans in the Sea, which reflects the life and death of whale sharks, and Plum Rain that studies the climatic characteristics and culture of the plum rain.