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The Last Wild Rivers 最后的原生大河
Proposal : Kyle Murdoch / Yun Niu
Country:New Zealand
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Our epic – and fresh -- series in 4K navigates six of the last, free-flowing rivers in some of the most unusual parts of our planet. We’ll witness their priceless resources, get up-close and personal with their rare, native wildlife and local residents, and discover how they changed human history. Everywhere and anywhere, free-flowing rivers have become so rare that they might be classified as endangered species if they were considered living beings rather than merely vital support systems for life. Beginning at the source of each unique, wild river, our expert teams travel the length, capturing the importance and impact on people and animals through stunning visuals and superb storytelling. We’ll film an immersive experience in full VR at a critical point along their path.

Sue specializes in finding and producing compelling stories that are visually astonishing and unique. Proven co-EP and Showrunner on 3 multi-million dollar series, and directly managed team of 12 staff plus 22 contractors. As an ex-Disney artist and Imagineer, Sue brings creative and visual strengths to complex, scientific challenges. He currently works on a Co-Production project Big Pacific for NHNZ, PBS, and CCTV9.