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Proposal : Marco Visalberghi
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All of the major research centres in the world agree that the average temperature of our planet is increasing by a few tenths of degree per year. As a result, the oceans expand, and, in the centuries to come, the average sea-level is expected to rise by few meters. Enough to flood major coastal cities of the world: Shanghai, London, New Orleans, New York ... And the first among all... Venice, since its birth has had to deal with high waters flooding. To save itself from this doomsday scenario, Venice will rely on the MOSE. The construction of Venice's dams the greatest engineering feat of the new millennium. This is the biggest effort ever attempted by humans to preserve their own culture and history, more over is a “laboratory” for the entire world to experiment new technologies to cope with the risks related to climate change.

Multi awarded director and producer Marco Visalberghi, is the managing director of DocLab today one of Italy’s most respected companies in Italian audiovisual production landscape. Producing and directing high production value documentaries and series for National and International markets, Marco Visalberghi regularly work with RAI (National Public Italian TV), Mediaset, France Television, ARTE, BBC, Discovery, A+E Networks, National Geographic, WGBH Boston and NHK. He received many national and international awards, including the Golden Dragon at the Beijing International Scientific Film Festival in 2000 as well as the Golden Lion at the 70th Venice Film Festival in 2013.