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Return Home 归乡
Proposal : Alex Lee
Country:New Zealand
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Chinese gold miners from the Pearl River Delta, Guandong came to the Otago goldfields to find fortune. Many died there far from family, and poverty-stricken.
In 1902, the ship Ventnor set out for China with the remains of 499 Chinese men who had died in New Zealand. They were being returned to the care of their families and ancestral villages in China. The ship sunk off the North Island. 
This great tragedy meant the men’s spirits were not at ease. Far from family and in a watery grave, there would be no-one to tend to their needs in the afterlife.
My co-producer found the wreckage in 150m-deep water. This is their story and the unfolding story of the deep water salvage to recover artifacts and remains to bring back to China to complete their return home. 
This is a feature narrative and interactive documentary with VR/AR/gallery installation.

Alex is of Chinese descent. He is the Co-director of Documentary NZ Trust which runs Doc Edge International Film Festival, Screen Edge Forum and Story Edge. He is Chairman of Film Auckland, Auckland’s screen industry leader. Alex is director and producer in film, TV and new media. His last film, Hip Hoperation, won international critical acclaims and awards and was released theatrically in New Zealand, Germany and Japan. He works in international documentary and fiction co-productions including virtual reality and interactive immersive digital storytelling.