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Dream over Bridge 江桥梦
Proposal : Wang Yang
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People in Wuhan want to build a mega-bridge across the Yangtze River, which symbolizes the so-called Speed of China as well as Strength of China. Under enormous pressure, engineers are exhausted both mentally and physically. Individual experience of life is intertwined with institutional stress. Peasant workers from all over the country have left their hometowns to go to cities for a better life. Hundreds of millions of peasant workers have squeezed into cities resulting from the rapid development of China. Although they have made great contribution to the construction of China, they also suffer from the drastic changes brought by it. They are away from their family and work so hard, while their farmlands are abandoned and traditions lost.

Director/ Wang Yang
Wang’s work includes Weaving, China Gate and Ground to Space. His works were selected and awarded at numerous international film festivals. As a senior film critic, he has been writing for newspapers and magazines to promote cinematic culture for years.