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The Story of Breast 那一抹粉色
Proposal : Chen Qing
  • Introduction
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This is a story about a group of women who have had breast cancer and the way how their supporters deal with the most extreme uncertainty of life and pain. 
The life condition of breast cancers, in some sense, reflects the living situation about Chinese women. Through the characters in the film, namely, those breast cancer women, the documentary will present their fear towards reality, social pressure, intimacy as well as social expectation.
 Maybe each of us is like a lonely island. The stories that are about individuals’ conquering fears through all kinds of hardship can be connected with the current living environment. We can, probably, understand our own life by caring others.

The female team are all from China Central Newsreels Corporation, who engaged themselves in the production of documentaries for more than 10 years, and has won different kinds of national awards.
Producer & Director: Chen Qing, 
Director: Liu Dongshi,
Director: Qi Wei,
Music: Wu Yongmei