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Paradise Garden 胡阿姨的花园
Proposal : Pan zhiqi
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Mrs Hu owed huge debt because of being cheated,and she felt too guilty. She moved to the slum area Shi Ba Ti and opened an inn. She started to believe Christ, making a live by picking up rubbish in the Jie Fang Bei to help poor migrant workers, drug addicts, prostitutes and every underclass. She hopes to alleviate guilt. Comparing with the real life, Mrs Hu is rich in spiritual world. She creates a garden by using rubbish. Everything in this garden represents her best wishes for life. The garden likes a paradise garden in her heart, and it is her only spiritual pillar in miserable reality.
Along with modern business expanding, Shi Ba Ti began to remove. Mrs Hu’s inn and garden are faced with relocation. How will she resettle her paradise garden while continue facing hard life?

Pan Zhiqi received a Master of Fine Arts from the Beijing Film Academy. He is an associate professor at Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, Television Art College. His finished work Private Detective, Lost Wall and 24th Street (in post-production) has been selected into DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival Fund and won the Asian pitch. It co-produces with 4 television stations including NHK, Mediacorp, KBS, PTS.