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A World Without Cracking 天下无拐
Proposal : Liu Peiwen
  • Introduction
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A World without Cracking is a documentary that tells us about the special group of parents, who search for their lost children and suffer a lot during the ways to find their babies across the country. The documentary truly reflects the abduction and loss of children in the modern society as well as the piercing pain of those parents, which also records all kinds of treatment those parents met during the way of searching kids,with indifference,apathy, support,obstruction,utility and conflict. Besides, our government has made positive efforts on the issue of children trafficking while still faced great challenge in recent years.

In 2012,he produced independently a documentary that crack down on abduction called A world without cracking. In 2013,he produced independently a cultural and historical documentary called veterans of the anti-japanese war. In 2014,he produced independently a humane environmental and inspirational documentary called swan lake. In 2015, he participated in the shooting of large-scale documentary called beautiful countryside.