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Bank in School 文林银行
Proposal : Maso CHEN
  • Introduction
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Wenlin Elementary School is a long-established school. The newly appointed principal Mr. Chu and young Director of Student Affairs Mr. Lai just introduced a financial education initiative which included setting up a bank and issuing currency in the school.
At the beginning of this year, Bank of Wenlin started operation among thirteen pioneering classes assisted by their teachers. Students were all very excited when they received their“salaries”and became more active in taking part in the manual labor at school. Gradually, some teachers noticed how students became overly utilitarian, and thus started to reflect on whether their own concept of money have brought adverse effects on their students.

As the first Taiwanese director who collaborated with Al Jazeera, he debuted the short documentary film My Father, My Mother in 2013. His first feature-length documentary film The Silent Teacher won the Project with Most International Potential and ASD Special Award at CCDF-4, as well as the second prize at New Taipei City Documentary Film Festival in 2014. In 2015, his film Hospital also won the second prize at the New Taipei City Documentary Film Festival.