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Swing 摇摆
Proposal : Andrew Lone
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Five girls who are passionate about playing basketball have founded a basketball club with more than 500 members, hosting national basketball games. But it’s extremely difficult to get sponsors to support such “amateur games” when national sport system is rather dominant. How will they sustain the club? Yinan is the founder of the club, working in art field. She is quite special in her dress-up style, and can easily attract both men and women. It seems she accept no stereotype of genders. As what Chenchen, one of the the core members said, “This is telling everybody that we can lead a different life as women.” Are these girls brave enough when facing social pressure? Banban, as the co-founder of the club, is getting married this year. Her husband hopes that she would spend more time on family rather than on playing basketball. Family and basketball, how would Banban balance these two?

Andrew has been working as a producer, director and photographer, with abundant experience in cultural management, documentary, film industry, advertisement and new media as well. He founded Story Farm Productions in 2008, devoting himself in the creating, producing, training as well was international communication. His directing works include “The Search for China’s Blue Hole”, “My Chinese Acquaintances”, “The Mongolian Ido”l, etc. His latest producing film project My Dear Friend has won “ACE Special Award” from Shanghai International Film Festival, and was invited to Venice International Film Festival financing forum.