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Returning Home 熊猫回家路
Proposal : Gou Yige
  • Introduction
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This is the story about hero’s growth. Our main character is a panda that is captive bred. His mother, a wild panda, is selected to be in the “wild training program”, which aims at saving endangered wild pandas whose genes are quarantined. Thus, it changed our main character’s life, who has to leave the comfortable zoo and learns surviving skills with his mother in the wild. 
The panda returns to the wild alone when he aged two. He has to fight for survival in the dangerous forest. Among other animals in the forest, who would be his friends, and who were his enemies? At first he was bullied by other animals, but he gradually learns the instincts, survival skills and nature’s law. Grew with age, the panda faces the greatest challenge. Whether he can stand out from lots of competitors and wins his mate? Will he be accepted by wild panda group?

Gou Yige graduated from Communication University of China. He used to work in Beijing Film Studio, Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio. Now, he works in CCTV Documentary International Media Co., Ltd. 
His productions include Exploring the Moon, The Warmer Globe, Finding Secrets of Cancer. Besides, he has won numerous prizes like Gold Rooster Award, Huabiao Film Award,etc.