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A Priest and His Women 祭司和他的女人们
Proposal : Xianglie Wu
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Nowadays, the rapidly developing urbanization has not only increased villagers’ income greatly, but brought profound changes to their concepts of marriage as well as family. On one hand, the women are taken away by the cities, resulting in the rising of the number of bachelor in the village, and the aged parents’ lacking care of their daughters who have married far away. On the other hand, the village girls have to live in the bottom of the society, because they are less lectured and less compettive. Their choice of changing their destiny through marriage is highly controversial.
Three girls of Miao in the Mountain Yuanbao are the leading roles in the film, who have sacrificed their fresh flesh to obtain an opportunity of living in the city. This documentary presents both the real life of Miao and the conventionality and modernity of Miao girls in their love and marriage.

Mr. Wu, a leading director and scientific producer of documentary, is currently the Deputy Director of the Documentary Department of China Guangxi Television (GXTV). He has produced a series of documentaries that have won many awards, such as the Ratings Contribution Award of the CCTV. The awarded documentaries include The Fishing Light on the Lijiang Rivier, My Qomolangma, The White Pants, The Most Important Affair in Life, Looking for the Babushkins and so on.