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The Past and Present Life of the Arctic Jade 北极玉 前世今生
Proposal : Li Yilin
Country:China, Canada
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This documentary film will follow the story of Qiao Jun, a Chinese skilled migrant who migrated to Canada in late 1990s, and the Josens, his Canadian cooperating partners. They successfully exploited Arctic jade from the BC (British Columbia) of Canada, and carved Arctic jade in China. Qiao Jun’s journey in the summer of 2017 that returns to the mountain for Arctic jade and overcomes numerous difficulties will be significantly highlighted in this film. Three seasons of films of the Discovery of Canada’s follow-up shoot of Qiao Jun will be part of our digital juice swipes.

Li Yilin, producer, General Manager of Beijing Bainianhaohe International Film Culture Ltd.
Li Yilin has been film producer for many films, includes Movie Master Xie Jin, The Right Track of Villain《反派演员 正道人生》, the Permeants of the City《城市穿行者》, long series documentary Nostalgia《乡愁》 and documentary movie Bright is the Moon at the Home Village《月是故乡明》