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Gathering famous documentary institutions over the world . Analyzing new trend of the development of documentary.

On the afternoon of Nov.17, the pressconference of Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China(hereinafter referred to as GZDOC) 2016 and the opening ceremony of Guangzhou’sfirst art theatre were held in Jinyi Cinema Sky Club.

Established in 2003, GZDOC is hosted byState Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film and Television(SGAPPRFT) and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, organized by the People’sGovernment of Guangzhou Municipality,  Administration of Press,Publication, Radio, film and Television of Guangdong Province, executed by Administrationof Culture, Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of Guangzhou Municipality,and coordinated by Global Raytur International Public CommunicationOrganization.

With the longest history, GZDOC has becomethe only national professional festival with investing, financing and tradingfunction in China. After 13 years of development, GZDOC has grown into thelargest professional documentary festival in Asia, a force encouraging Chinesedocumentaries go global, a showcase demonstrating excellent documentaries acrossthe world, a platform embracing exchange and cooperation within documentaryindustry, and also an indispensable part of international documentary industry.

GZDOC2016 will be held from Dec.12 to Dec.15in Guangzhou. (Note: Dec.12 is for registration.)

At the press conference, Ren Tianhua, the deputydirector of Administration of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio, Film andTelevision of Guangzhou Municipality, and Chen Xiaojian, the deputy director ofAdministration of Press and Publication of Guangdong Province, introduce thefestival’s preparatory work and highlights respectively. Besides, Zhang Li, thedeputy secretary general of General Office of GZDOC’s Organizing Committee, explainsin details on the concerns from media.


Boasting the most entries among all Asiandocumentary festivals   

Covering half of the countries/regionsworldwide

In 2016, we have called for 4059 entriesfrom 111 countries and regions, hitting new records both in terms of countriesnumber and entries number, and ranking GZDOC the first among all Asiandocumentary festivals. (Wow!)Compared with 206 documentaries from 13countries in 2003, this year the number of participating countries increases by9 times while the number of entries by 20 times. Among these entries, more than200 have taken part in festivals, been selected or even won awards at home andabroad.Most of these works are from countries orregions like Germany, France, Italy, Poland and America, which demonstratetime-honored tradition in film or documentary production.Moreover, GZDOC has for the very time receivedworks from countries and regions like Iceland, Bhutan, Cuba, Kazakhstan andCosta Rica.Works from 23 countries and regions haveentered the finalist, covering various themes and original techniques. This demonstratesthe international influence and professional standard of the Golden KapokAward.


Gathering famous documentary institutionsover the world

Analyzing new trend of the development ofdocumentary

The “opening ceremony and main forum” isthe first-run important activity in 2016. During this activity, leading figuresof the documentary industry over the world and excellent representatives in productionand broadcasting field will have a brainstorm at the forum, exchanging anddiscussing prospect and trend of documentary industry in a global perspective.

Global Factual Content Summit serves as anopportunity to bring together global documentary broadcasting platforms’decision makers, renowned documentary producers, directors with Oscar, Emmy,and Sundance awards, and major international documentary festivals’ decisionmakers. At this forum, they focus on the annual trend of documentary industryby learning from award-winning works, features of co-production and relevantcooperation models. This is how they can gain an observation on the trend ofdocumentary industry and its content planning in the coming year. Through thisobservation, documentary practitioners can have a better picture over thisindustry and set out targeted annual objectives and planning.

Going forward, the “opening ceremony andmain forum” will be gradually shaped into a world renowned “Davos Forum” ofinternational documentary.

Apart from the forum, three days ofschedule will also mark series of other influential international forums aimingto produce documentaries for teenagers and children. Numerous guests fromAmerica, Australia, Japan, France, Germany and UK will share with us theirdocumentary clips as well as methods to popularize documentary films and strengthentheir education significance through online and/or across media communication.

Besides, other events are also worthmentioning, such as foreign distributors summit, forum on how to createopportunity for documentary through digital-based platform and its competitors,and International documentary integration forum. There are also over 40 forumsand meetings such as Project Promotion brought by famous Chinese institutionslike CCTV-10,CCTV-9, Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio, DOCUTV andIqiyi. Three major international festivals, MIP TV, IDFA and Hot Doc, will gatherin GZDOC, bringing the top-quality international resources for pitching,screening and film transaction.

MIP TV is the world’s biggest market forfilm distribution, involving over 20,000 exhibitors. IDFA is the biggestfestival for screening, over 1500 excellent documentaries being screened eachyear. It is also the heaven for international independent filmmakers to developprojects. HOT DOC is the largest documentary festival in North America and oneof the top tree documentary festivals worldwide.

Guests of this year can not only take partin all the activities of GZDOC, but also attend many master-class brought byOscar-winning directors and international famous producers for free.


Innovating and upgrading Pitch

Pushing “China Story” towards the internationalarena

GZDOC is the first festival that introducesPitch international model in China. With many years’ practice and operation,GZDOC has formed its own characteristics and competitive edges, successfullyproviding investing, financing and broadcasting opportunities to over 120documentary projects from all over the world. It is a “direct train” towardsinternational market.

For example, Chinese Van Gogh achieved theco-production with the Denmark Television and Pre-order from the CanadianTelevision. This documentary recently entered the panorama screening unit ofthe Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.

In 2016, besides the “Most Potential forInternational Marketing” competition, GZDOC also sets up a meeting for “ChinaStory” international co-production project in the Pitching unit.27 “China Story” projects will be presentedduring the GZDOC Pitching, and 20 most authoritative festivals and institutionswill show up, spreading “China Story” to the world by project signing andproject annual report.


More than 60 blockbusters, 150 screenings

Creating a documentary feast “at home”

If you have no interest in documentaries,you just have not never met a good one.Golden Kapok Award documentary filmfestival will open on Nov. 28, and conclude on Dec. 18 this year. It is China’slargest documentary film festival and also the most internationalized one. 

There will be over 150 screenings atcinemas, art spaces and many universities. More than 60 documentaries showed inthese places cover awarded or exhibited works in famous international filmfestivals.  These works include The Graduation awardedBest Documentary of Venice Film Festival 2016, The Closer We Get awarded BestInternational Documentary of hot docs, Cartel Land nominated as BestDocumentary Feature of the 88th Oscar and the famous domestic documentarieslike Ren Jian Shi.

Meanwhile, the screening of this year also takesinto consideration the locality to bring to a bigger screen the excellent localdocumentaries, such as Class Seven, Grade Nine of Evergrande Football Schooldirected by Ma Zhidan.The opening show will be the trendy Mastersin Forbidden City’s film version, which will be premiered nationwide on Nov.28at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

The screening this year will highlightvarious ways to watch films, with guests’ guidance and the exchange amongcreators. In this way, more citizens are able to closely experience documentaryculture and become more interested in documentaries. For instance, the famousdocumentary director Zhou Haojiang, a two-time winner of Golden Horse Awards,will meet Luo Chong, the director of Dream Maker, and Qin Bo, the director of popularnetwork works Ren Jian Shi. The exchange meeting will also target at films likeThe Taste of Youth directed by Hong Kong director Zhang Jingwei, The Song WeSing, Our Last Tango, Affliction and In The Underground.

During the festival, audiences can buytickets through exclusive ticket platforms----Yupiaoer + Gewala. We willrelease the detailed screening schedule and methods of booking tickets on ourofficial website or Wechat account “GZDOC”. We will also occasionally launchfree-ticket activity. Please pay attention to that.