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2017 Guangzhou International DocumentaryFilm Festival Rules on Competition

2017 GuangzhouInternational DocumentaryFilm Festival

Rules onCompetition

The Rules areapplied to all films applying for the 2017 Golden Kapok Award Competition thatto be held during Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival (“GZDOC”).

GZDOC GoldenKapok Award Competition, which under the principle of internationalfriendship and cultural exchange, focuses on screening high-quality documentaryfilms and discovering pioneering documentarians under the purpose of promotinginternational cooperation and exchanges in documentary films, promoting thedevelopment of documentary film industry and highlighting the values ofexcellent documentary films.


Article 1 Application Conditions

1.Only finished documentary films areacceptable. Those that are still in investigation, shooting or post productionphases will be refused.

2. No entry theme restriction.

3. No ceiling for the number of entries.

4. Documentary films can applyfor competition, screening and DOC Shop atthe same time.

5. No application fee.

6. No entry shall be found withpornography, violence and/or racial discrimination elements; nor shalltheyconflict with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.


Article 2 Running Timeand Subtitles

1.Running time:

Short: no longerthan 30 minutes (including Opening Credits);

Feature: longerthan 30 minutes (including Opening Credits);

Series: in threeepisodes (sets) or more that are inter-related.

2. Subtitle

For films thatcontain MANDARINE dialogues, subtitle is not required (provision of subtitle inEnglish is subject to further notice);

For films thatcontain dialogues inChinese minority languages or dialects, the complete Chinese subtitleshall be embedded (provision of subtitle in English is subject to furthernotice);

For filmscontain NON-MANDARINE dialogues (including English), the complete English subtitle shall beembedded.


Article 3 ApplicationDeadline

1. Onlineapplication system will be accessible for a long period,but only those entriesmeeting the following requirements will be accepted by the General Office ofthe Organizing Committee (the “OC”).

2.Competition applicationdeadline: August 30, 2017 (the online GZDOC Film Entry Formshall be submitted before this date);application materials shall be RECEIVE throughmail to the OC by August30, 2017.


3.Films applyingfor 2017 Golden Kapok Awards shall be produced no earlier thanJanuary 2015 and no later than August 2017. And GZDOC will presentthose meeting the requirements to the panel for appraisal.


Article 4  ApplicationProcess

ALL applicants shall go through thefollowing:

1.Fully completing the online Entry Formand selecting competition. (Documentary films can applyforcompetition, screening and DOC Shop at the same time.)

2. Uploading the following materials:

   (1) Film stills inJPG format (pixel no less than 300 dpi; no less than 1Mb);

   (2) Films in NON-MANDARINEdialogues shall be uploaded subtitle script or subtitlefile.Requirements for subtitle script:word or text format.

Requirementsfor subtitle file:SRT or ASS format.

3. Sending the following materialsthrough mail:

   (1) Film inMP4 / MOV format, in digital DVD/USB; HD (720p or 1080p) version is preferred,English subtitle is needed if the film contains NON-MANDARINE dialogues(including English);

   (2) Trailer (lessthan 3 minutes) in MP4 format, in digital DVD/USB; HD (720p or 1080p)version ispreferred, English subtitle is needed if the film contains NON-MANDARINEdialogues (including English);

Submission Method 1

Mail to the OC copies of applicationmaterials in DVD/USB along with the film title and contact information.

Address: Guangdong Province, Guangzhou,Tianhe District

       Tianhe North Road 689, No.1701

Contacts: Mr. Ding Zhizhao

Tel: 86-020-38780150-824

Zip code: 510630

Submission Method 2

Upload application materials into Vimeo or GoogleDrive and sendthe download link and password to along with film title and contactinformation.

4.The application is successful uponreceiving a notification e-mail from the OC, otherwise, the application processis not finished due to incomplete submission materials,film arrival failure ordownload failure.

5.Waiting for further notice from theOC.

6.The OC may contact the applicant foradditional materials if necessary.

7.Please be noted that application withinsufficient materials is null.


Article 5 Procedures

1.The Golden Kapok Award Competitionwill be determined after the preselection, review appraisal andfinal appraisal. The final results will bean nounced at the GZDOCclosing ceremony.

2. Review stage:

(1) Each filmqualified to the Review will be given a Certificate (electronic) which will besent to the Contact Person through email.

3. Final appraisal stage:

(1) Filmsembedded with both Chinese and English subtitles might be required by the OC ifnecessary.

(2) Each filmqualified to the Final Appraisal will be given a Certificate (hard copy) whichwill be sent to the Contact Person through express delivery. 

(3) The OC willinvite two main framers to GZDOC and relevant activities to be held inGuangzhou (see the Invitation Letter and attachments for reception details);

(4) The OC isentitled to three offline screening (from December 1 to December 20, 2017) ofthe film during GZDOC.

4.Award-winning films:

(1) Eachaward-winning film will be given a Certificate (hard copy) and a trophy whichwill be granted at the GZDOC closing ceremony.

(2) The OC isentitled to two offline screening (from December 16, 2017 to January 1, 2018)of the film.

5. Upon receiving the notice onqualification to the Final Appraisal and having confirmed thereby, theapplicant shall not withdraw the qualified film for any reason.