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Telling the Story of China: GZDOC Appears on the International Stage

Documentary is a unique genre of moviecharacterized by authenticity. There is every reason to believe that it will bebest way of conserving and presenting the incomparable story of China, as thenation’s rise through decades of fruitful endeavor offers some of the mostimpressive images the world has ever seen.

We hereby sincerely invite documentary filmmakaers from all over theworld to join us in the 2017 International Annual Pitch “China Stories”.




Established in 2003, the Guangzhou International Documentary Festival,China (GZDOC) is hosted by State Administration of Press and Publication, Radio,Film and Television (SGAPPRFT) and the People’s Government of GuangdongProvince, organized by the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality,Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, film and Television of GuangdongProvince, executed by Administration of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio,Film and Television of Guangzhou Municipality, co-organized by GuangdongRadioand Television Station and operated by Global Raytur International PublicCommunication Organization.


Looking back on its fruitful journey of 14 years, GZDOC is ready forthe international stage with tremendous momentum. As the sole nationaldocumentary festival enjoying a global recognition from the industry and thelargest Asian documentary film festival, GZDOC is committed to the instructionof President Xi to tell the story of China and let our voice be heard. Anincubating environment rich in international resources and financial support isprovided for the making of authentic China stories.

Why “China Stories” Pitch?


Top International Resources for ProjectStartup/Operation/Publicity

“China Stories” Pitch gathered leadingfigures in the world’s documentary industry, including guests from some of themost widely-known television stations, new media platforms and transnationalproduction companies.

Meanwhile, “China Stories” Pitch isworking with over fifty professional organizations home and abroad for theconvenience of project recommending and promoting “China Stories”internationally. Cooperating organizations include MIPTV, Hot Docs, IDFA,DOC.It and the Sheffield International Documentary Festival.


Market Value Maximization

Domestic and Overseas Financial Support

Outstanding projects will receiveabundant financial support from domestic and overseas television stations, new mediaplatforms, fund, professional organizations and governments.

Access for overseas financing is alsoavailable for producers and directors. “China Stories” Pitch will assistoutstanding projects in searching for overseas co-production.


Tailored Incubation with Support fromOverseas Leading Producers

An incubation mechanism will be startedat the end of this September in Beijing. Prestigious producers from around theworld will be invited to provide one-to-one guidance.